Adrian Teo Memorial Service calls attention to courageous man

Over 130 people gathered in the chapel on Friday evening to remember the life of the late Adrian Teo--Whitworth professor of psychology--following his lost battle with a brain tumor on Christmas Day last year.The service was presided over by Reverend David Kruse and featured words of remembrance from psychology professor Noelle Wiersma, alum Kirin Foster and theology professor Jim Edwards. 

Edwards called attention to Teo’s desire to, “do the right thing and be the right person.”

Overall, friends of Teo recalled his positive attitude with students in his last teaching days. However, each one commended his unending adherence to his Christian faith throughout his painful process.

Teo is survived by his wife Tessa and his children: Rachel, Kevin, Ryan, Aaron and Isaac.

Below is an excerpt from the Song of Farewell sung by those in attendance as part of the conclusion to the ceremony.


Connor Soudani