Women's tennis championship update 4/23/2016

The women’s tennis team ended their 2016 season with a loss to Lewis & Clark last Saturday. The Pirates entered the NWC Championships with a conference record of 6-6, compared to Lewis & Clark’s record of 12-0. The Pirates lost their match to the Pioneers with a score of 5-0. The second game of the No. 1 singles match was the closest game of the day. Junior Bella Hoyos did her best to redeem her loss of the first game. However, she was unable to take the lead and ended the game with a score of 4-3.

The Pioneers went on to win the Conference Championships with a score of 8 total points. Lewis & Clark also took first in Conference with an overall record of 17-2.

The women’s tennis team will return next year.

Peter Houston-Hencken

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Day 4 Swimming Championships Recap

Senior Wes Walton took 13th place in the men’s 200-yard backstroke on the final day of the NCAA DIII Swimming Championships on Saturday. Walton finished with a time of 1:48.92. The men’s team finished the meet in 32nd place with a total of 26 points. The men’s competed against 55 teams at the meet. Denison University won the meet for the men’s teams with a total of 455.5 points.

The women competed against 54 teams in the meet. Emory University was able to come out on top for the women with a total of 560 points.

The swim team has concluded its season and will return again next fall.


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Sports Editor

Swim teams score big at Conference meet

The women’s swim team took third place with a score of 475 at the NWC Swimming Championships last weekend while the men’s team took first place with a score of 700.  The victories at the meet in Federal Way, Washington allowed the men’s team to remain at the top of conference holding a 7-0 record. The women’s team holds third place in conference with a record of 5-2. The men started off the meet strong and won two events. Senior Wes Walton took first in the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 1:49. Walton, along with sophomore Patrick Wilber, senior Kyle Wicks and freshman Eben Schumann, gained 40 points for the Pirates for winning the 400-yard medley relay in 3:20.

“I got the points for the team and that’s what really matters,” Walton said. “Last year we lost our conference championship streak and so this year we’ve been out for blood.”

The women’s team finished Friday with only one win from junior Jacqueline Beal in the 200-yard individual medley. However, the team received a total of 103 points. With four athletes placing in the top eight for the event, the team collected 53 points in the event. The women ended the night in fourth place behind Whitman College.

The men increased their standing on Saturday by winning four events and reaching a score of 475. The relay team beat Linfield in the 200-yard medley relay by just under three seconds. Walton finished first in the 400-yard IM with a time of 3:58 and Schumann won the 100-yard butterfly in 49 seconds.

With this conference meet being his first, Schumann took time to prepare weeks ahead of time and perfect his technique.

“I found time to come in during practice to do some filming with the GoPro and iPad just to look at my slow-motion form underwater,” Schumann said. “It showed me what I needed to fix in the next couple weeks.”

Bael took first in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 57 seconds. Bael helped the Pirates collect 193 points on Saturday giving them a total of 296 and a solid third place standing.

The men won four events on Sunday giving them a total of 700 points for the meet. The men’s team took first place with more than a 150-point lead.

The women won one event on Sunday and ended the meet with a total of 475 points. The women’s team ended in third place three points behind Whitman College.

“A lot of people stepped up and swam really well this weekend,” junior Jerusha Dressel said. “Our improvement from last year is due to the fact that so many freshman and sophomores were able to step up.”

The swim team has yet to learn which of their athletes will attend the NCAA Division III Championships in March.


Peter Houston-Hencken

Sports Editor


Athlete honors grandfather with donation

NOTE: The version of this story that appeared in Issue 9 of The Whitworthian incorrectly stated that the donation had been sent to the Inland Northwest Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.  It should have read as being sent to the Washington State Chapter. The article in this online edition reflects this change. Senior George Valle has chosen the Alzheimer’s Association for his $100 donation reward after winning a shooting contest organized by The Whitworthian.

Valle, along with four other athletes from both the men’s and women’s basketball teams, met in Graves Gym on Sunday, Feb. 7 to compete in a shooting contest. Sophomore Callie Harwood, senior Faith Emerson and juniors Kenny Love and Christian Jurlina joined Valle in a challenge to successfully shoot the most Nerf basketballs into miniature hoops.

After making 17 baskets within the two-minute time limit, Valle was awarded $100 to donate to a charity of his choice. Valle decided to donate the money to the Alzheimer’s Association.

“My grandpa on my dad’s side passed away in 2011,” Valle said. “Alzheimer’s contributed a lot to his passing.”

Odd Valle—George’s grandfather—started showing signs of short term memory loss around the time Valle entered high school. However, by the time Valle reached his junior year, it was clear that his grandfather had Alzheimer’s.

“He asked who his grandchildren are,” Valle said. “Stuff like that really impacts you. I was at an age where you were really able to understand what’s going on and how serious of an issue it is.” Valle’s donation has been sent to the Washington State Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association which strives to provide education and support for families dealing with Alzheimer’s.

“Alzheimer’s really needs to have an awareness in not only this community but internationally,” Alzheimer’s Association events coordinator Leslie Woodfill said. “In Washington State there are over 100,000 people with Alzheimer’s disease.”

The Alzheimer’s Association is also planning a major event in October. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s will take place to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. Woodfill hopes to see upwards of a thousand participants this year.

The Alzheimer’s Association has also received donations from Whitworth’s Alzheimer’s Club led by co-presidents Devon Wattenbarger and Forest Dexter. The club has held fundraisers and auctions to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.

“We don’t get any money ourselves,” Wattenbarger said. “Any money we get goes right to research.”

While many organizations and groups have donated money and effort to help find a cure to Alzheimer’s, Woodfill says that more and more people will likely be diagnosed with this disease.

“The research that needs to happen can save my kids and your kids and your grandkids and my grandkids,” Woodfill said. “If a cure isn’t found, it’s just going to get worse and worse.”


Peter Houston-Hencken

Sports Editor

Men's basketball wins 15 consecutive games after successful weekend

The men’s basketball team added two more victories to their now 15-game winning streak last weekend. The Pirates defeated the Pacific Lutheran Lutes, 93-62 and the Puget Sound Loggers, 87-68 to keep their top spot in the NWC, 8-0 and their No. 1 spot in the nation.The Friday-night match began with an early lead assisted by senior George Valle. Valle scored eight shots from the field as well as a 3-pointer in the first half. The Pirates surged ahead and less than ten minutes into the game, the score was 26-6. “We were able to come out really fast,” Valle said. “So I just took what the game flow gave me. I was able to knock down a couple open looks and get my confidence up.”

Junior Kenny Love also assisted the Pirates in the first half by scoring four shots from the field and two 3-pointers.

The rest of the half consisted of the Pirates strengthening their lead and shutting down the Lutes. By the end of the first half, the score had reached 47-25.

The Pirates did not ease up on the Lutes in the second half. Junior Christian Jurlina greatly assisted the team in the second half by scoring two 3-pointers. Jurlina made a total of eight shots from the field on Friday night.

The Pirates nearly doubled their score in the second half, while the Lutes were only able to make 37 points. The Pirates made 55.7 percent of their shots from the field Friday night compared to Pacific Lutheran’s 33.9 percent. The match ended with a score of 93-62.

“We wanted to attack quickly in transition,” Head Coach Matt Logie said. “It starts with your defense. You have got to get stops. I thought our guys did a good job of attacking.”

The Puget Sound Loggers brought an early pressure to Saturday’s match. The Loggers briefly took the lead at 5-4, but the Pirates soon took it back and would hold it for the rest of the game. However, they did not do so with ease. For the entire first half, the Loggers closely trailed Whitworth and never fell behind more than nine points.

“UPS is a really good team,” Logie said. “Coming into this weekend they won five of their last six games so you never feel like you’re out of the woods.”

Valle succeeded in scoring two three pointers in the first half and led the Pirate’s offensively. The half ended with a score of 41-33.

The Pirates pulled ahead in the second half with the help of Jurlina. Jurlina scored four shots from the field in the second half and 22 for the entire match. The Pirates slowly increased their score throughout the second half, gaining as much as a 24-point lead. The match ended with a score of 87-68.

“I think it came down to defense,” Jurlina said. “We had to step up, make sure that we didn’t let them have wide-open three [pointers], we didn’t let their drivers have easy driving lanes.”

The Pirates will face Linfield College and Lewis & Clark College in Oregon this coming weekend. The games will be held on Friday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at 6 p.m., respectfully.

Peter Houston-Hencken

Sports Editor

Women's Basketball splits home matches: Moves to 5-3

The women’s basketball team ended last weekend’s home games with a win against the Pacific Lutheran Lutes, 66-39 and a loss to the Puget Sound Loggers, 87-69. The two games set Whitworth in fourth place for the Northwest Conference with a record of 5-3.The Pirates began Friday night with a solid start. Senior KC McConnell and sophomore Callie Harwood scored multiple shots in the first period, allowing them to take an early lead. The Pirates ended the first period with a score of 11-7.

The Lutes put the pressure on Whitworth and made a brief comeback in the second period. After a 3-pointer and a couple layups less than two minutes into the period, the score was tied at 14-14. However, the Pirates managed to make up lost ground and gain an even larger lead. At halftime, the Pirates held an 11-point lead with a score of 29-18.

The Lutes had trouble keeping ahold of the ball and had the ball stolen 11 times by the end of the match. Whitworth was able to handle the ball effectively and shot 43.9 percent from the floor.

“We pressed and tried to force turnovers and I think that they’re pretty young in their backcourt,” Head Coach Helen Higgs said. “Some of that’s just their inexperience.”

Whitworth entered the third period prepared to expand their lead. Senior Faith Emerson led the Pirates in the third period by scoring 12 points. The Pirates increased their lead and ended the period at 53-32.

Emerson was the Pirates’ top scorer for the night, successfully making 8 shots from the field as well as a 3-pointer.

“Our guards that are up on the ball and our backcourt do a really great job of applying pressure,” Emerson said. “When we really work as a team, other teams are in trouble.”

The Pirates did not relent and continued to hold their large lead into the final period. The Pirates were able to score 13 points in the fourth quarter while the Lutes were only able to score seven. The contest ended with a final score of 66-39.

The match against the Puget Sound Loggers did not turn out as smooth as the match prior. The Pirates were able to take an early lead and end the first period with a score of 17-16. However, the Loggers were able to catch up in the second period and take the lead, 36-32, by halftime.

The Pirates could not keep up with the Loggers’ incredibly accurate shooting throughout the night. Loggers made 65 percent of their shots from the field in the second period and successfully made 73 percent of their free throws for the entire game.

“I think it came down to just communication,” sophomore Chloe Quinnett said. “A lot of those screens, we knew they were coming and we just didn’t talk them out.”

The Pirates attempted to take back the lead, but were unsuccessful. The Loggers continued to expand their lead by scoring 30 points in the last two periods. Whitworth was only able to score 26. The match ended with a score of 66-58.

“[The Loggers] are definitely a high-quality team that has played really well. They’ve gotten better every game this year,” Higgs said.

The Pirates will face Linfield College and Lewis & Clark College in Oregon this coming weekend. The games will be held on Friday at 6 p.m. and Saturday at 4 p.m., respectively.

Peter Houston-Hencken

Sports Editor

Women split road basketball contests

The women’s basketball team split their games this weekend by defeating the Willamette Bearcats, but losing to the George Fox Bruins.Friday’s game against the Bearcats started off strong with senior KC McConnell taking the first 3-pointer of the match. The Pirates found an early lead and reached a score of 19-13 by the end of the period.

In the second period, the Bearcats attempted to catch up by bringing the score to 27-21. However, nine consecutive points by McConnell ended the half, 36-21.

“We were able to pick up our pressure in the second quarter and create scoring opportunities from our defense,” Head Coach Helen Higgs said. “As well as attacking their zone from the inside out.”

Each team scored 14 points in the third period, however, the Bearcats were still far behind the Pirates, 50-35. The Bearcats attempted to close the gap in the final period, however, it would not be enough. An additional four points in free throws at the end of the game set the final score, 58-47.

The team would not find similar success against the Bruins the following night. Minutes into the first period, senior Faith Emerson scored the Pirates’ first field goal and started a small lead for Whitworth. However, the Bruins caught up and the two teams battled for the lead for the rest of the period. The first period ended with a score of 18-16.

The Bruins took the lead in the second period. The Pirates trailed close behind and never let the Bruins take more than a seven-point lead. However, the first half would end with a score of 39-34.

“[George Fox is] a really athletic team and they have a lot of tall players,” McConnell said. “They attacked us from the inside with their height.”

During the second half, the Pirates fell further behind. The Bruins held a solid lead for the rest of the game and kept about a ten-point distance for most of the half. The game ended with a score of 82-72.

The Pirates are in fourth place in the NWC with a conference record of 4-2. The Pirates will play again at home this coming weekend against Pacific Lutheran.

Peter Houston-Hencken

Sports Editor

Men's basketball stays perfect in conference

As Friday night’s game began, the Pirates struggled to take a solid lead. The Willamette Bearcats held back the Pirates and did not let them gain more than a four point lead for most of the first half. With minutes left, the Bearcats broke free and ended half with a score of 37-30.As the second half began, the Pirates attempted to make up for lost ground. This proved to be difficult until the Pirates went on an 11-point run, putting them at a 51-49 lead. Both teams struggled to end the game. As a result, the second half ended with a score of 69-69.

Once the overtime period began, the Pirates broke free from the Bearcats and were able to score six points before Willamette could score one. The score ended with a Pirate victory, 81-77.

“I think it was more of a continuation of the second half,” Head Coach Matt Logie said. “In order to force overtime we had to get a stop and score. Being able to do that gave us a lot of confidence going into overtime.”

The Pirates had no problem taking down George Fox on Saturday night. Less than ten minutes into the match, the Pirates already held a ten-point lead over the Bruins, 21-11. Throughout the first half, the Pirates widened their lead and ended the half with a score of 48-31.

“We knew that we had to address the lack of energy and talk that we didn’t have [against Willamette],” junior Kenny Love said. “We knew that if we brought those to today’s game, we’d fair more successfully.”

The second half of the match paralleled the first, with the Pirates racking up points and the Bruins struggling to keep up. Senior George Valle led the Pirates’ offense with eight shots from the field and a 3-pointer. Senior Christian Jurlina also carried the Pirates to victory with seven shots from the field and one 3-pointer.

The Pirates ended the match, almost doubling the Bruins’ score, 91-57.

The Pirates continue to hold their national ranking and a 6-0 conference record. The Pirates will play again at home against Pacific Lutheran next weekend.

Peter Houston-Hencken

Sports Editor

Men's basketball moves to No. 1 ranking

Whitworth’s men’s basketball team claimed first place on the D3hoops.com “Top 25” list of Division III teams last Sunday. The Pirates received 15 of the 25 possible votes of D3’s panel of coaches to receive the No. 1 spot.Before reaching the top of the list, the Pirates held second place under Augustana College. However, Whitworth’s 13-0 record and 603 points set them above Augustana’s 13-1 record and 557 points.

“The guys really worked hard over the off-season to prepare themselves for a special year and we’ve been able to capitalize on that opportunity,” Head Coach Matt Logie said.

Throughout their season so far, the Pirates have managed to pull off some tremendous victories. A match against Northwest University ended with a crushing score of 84-54. However, their biggest win came from a match against Millsaps College which ended with their highest final lead yet, 86-47.

However, the Pirates had some close calls along the way as well. The Pirates suffered a defeat in an exhibition match against the University of Montana, 83-64. Luckily for the Pirates, exhibition matches are not factored in to the DIII ranking. The Pirates achieved their narrowest win in Las Vegas, Nevada at the D3hoops.com Classic. The Pirates were matched up against Calvin College in a match that ended with a score of 68-65.

“Our biggest focus is just trying to get better,” Logie said. “At the end of the year, we want to be able to look back and know that we came as close to reaching our potential, or exceeding, it as possible.”

The Pirates have found their success through the achievements of many of their athletes. Junior Christian Jurlina is the Pirates’ top scorer. Jurlina scores an average of 15.8 points per game.

Senior George Valle has also assisted the Pirates with an average of 14.3 points per game. Junior Kenny Love has continued a successful career this season. As the reigning NWC player of the year, Love has averaged 13.8 this season. Senior Matt Staudacher has also averaged double-digits. Staudacher has a season average of 10.2 points.

“I think this is arguably one of the best teams in Whitworth’s history,” Logie said. “But there’s so much yet to be determined and how that story ultimately gets written.”

The Pirates will travel to Oregon this weekend to take on Willamette University on Friday and George Fox University on Saturday. The games will begin at 8 p.m. and 6 p.m., respectively.

Peter Houston-Hencken

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A successful season takes cross country across the country

The cross country teams ended their conference meets with the victories at the NWC Championships and the NCAA Div. III West Regional meet in Claremont, California, last Saturday.

The NWC Championship meet took place over Fall Break at Pacific Lutheran University. The meet consisted of nine teams from the Northwest Conference.

The women’s team ended the NWC Championships in first place with 31 points. Willamette could not keep up with the Pirates and took second place, 15 points behind with 46.

Whitworth’s top three runners ended the six-kilometer run in quick succession behind two Willamette athletes. Senior Kellyn Roiko took third, 22:43, senior Katie McKay took fourth, 22:52, and Junior Allison Wood finished in fifth, 23:02.

“I think we’ve just been really focusing on looking at our team as a national ranking team,” Roiko said. “Just having confidence in each other so that we can race at a higher level.”

The men’s team took fourth at the meet by scoring 118 points. Out of a total of 79 runners in the eight-kilometer run, senior Christopher MacMurray and sophomore Daniel Harper held Whitworth’s top two times. MacMurray took 15th place with a time of 27:17. Harper barely took 17th place by running a time of 27:30.

Both teams then traveled to compete at the NCAA Div. III Regional Championships on Nov. 14.

The men’s team ended the meet in eighth place with 262 points. The men’s team competed against 18 other schools and a total of 127 runners.

The men's top runner, MacMurry, ended the eight-kilometer run in eleventh place with a time of 26:05.

The men’s team ended with an average time of 27:31. e men did not fall far behind Lin- eld’s seventh place; only three points separated the two teams.

The women’s team faced 12 other teams and a total of 133 runners. The Pirates took third place with 87 points.

Roiko and Wood finished with the top two times for Whitworth. Roiko took fourth place with a time of 21:52. Wood finished seconds later, 22:08, in seventh place.

The women’s team was selected to attend the NCAA Div. III Championships. is will mark the first time since 2010 for the women to attend the meet.

MacMurray will represent Whitworth’s men’s team by traveling as an individual athlete. This will be each athlete’s first time attending the meet.

“Personally, I’m just really excited to go to nationals,” MacMurray said. “It’s been a huge dream of mine. It’s still kind of surreal to me that I’m going.”

The women’s team is nationally ranked in ninth place among Div. III teams. The Championships will be held at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 21, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


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Coaches set varying policies for their athletes regarding alcohol and partying

For Whitworth students, the Big Three define the rules and regulations that are expected of them. However, students who compete in Whitworth’s athletics face a different set of rules when it comes to alcohol and off-campus partying.

Additionally, the policies for athletes vary depending on the sport they play. The women’s soccer team has strict policies blatantly prohibiting any form of drinking during the season; however, other teams such as the football team have policies less specific concerning rules and regulations.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.16.40 PM

The football team abides by the Big Three as laid out in Whitworth’s Student Handbook. However, the team has an additional set of values that is expected to be upheld by the athletes. The team’s “Be a Man” philosophy encourages athletes to take responsibility for their actions, avoid passivity, lead courageously and embrace God’s reward of a significant life. However, there is not much specific material concerning alcohol and partying.

“The more rules you have, the worse it is,” Head Coach Rod Sandberg said. “In our program we talk a lot about, not rules, but who do we want to be? Where’s our heart?”

Other than a couple of incidents, Sandberg has not experienced a large problem with athletes drinking and has not had to take serious action against any students.

“I couldn’t have a rule for everything they can’t do,” Sandberg said. “I want to talk about being a man and taking responsibility. You want to go a party and drink? You better accept responsibility for that.”

The athletes themselves see the “Be a Man” philosophy as a reasonable expectation for the football team. “They ask us to adhere to school rules, but also to consider the greater implications, even if you are of age, of what it means to be part of that culture,” sophomore Brad Benton said. “How does that reflect you not only as a football player, but as a person?”

Junior Noah Schultz-Rathbun sees the expectations as reflective. Even though the football team has 96 players, Schultz-Rathbun has seen no issue with drinking among his close friends on the team.

“Everything we do reflects on ourselves and on the team,” Schultz-Rathbun said. “I think about how everything I’m going to do is going to reflect on Coach Sandberg.”

While an ambiguous policy focused on responsibility and character has proven effective for the football team, not every Whitworth team has crafted identical policies.

The women’s soccer team signs a contract at the beginning of their season requiring them to commit to a dry season. The women are forbidden from drinking any alcohol during the season with the first offense resulting in a loss of 10 percent of an athlete’s season. A second offense results in removal from the team for the year and/or for the rest of their time at Whitworth.

During her last year of coaching the women’s soccer team before resigning, former Head Coach Jael Hagerott implemented the rule for the 2015 season to make the rules clear and eliminate any room for confusion. While the policy contrasts other teams, athletes have found it to be a reasonable and effective set of rules.

“Alcohol during season doesn’t help your performance,” junior Jenna Morris said. “There haven’t been any issues or oppositions to that.”

However, with different policies for each team, questions arise concerning different standards. With most athletes only playing one college sport, students like Morris see their policy as the best option.

“For our team, definitely [a] clean cut [policy] has worked really well,” Morris said. “Whereas, if it was vague, I think that could be more dangerous.”

However, Hagerott sees the freedom coaches have used as a tool to make their policies. While the specific policies are not identical, each coach has the ability to craft rules that will be effective for their athletes.

“What has happened in the past is that we have been given that freedom to come up with our own policy,” Hagerott said. “I feel like every coach has set a high standard. We just want to make sure, on the women’s soccer team, that we represent ourselves well at Whitworth and in the community.”

While different policies have been set for different teams, coaches seem to rely on the respect the athletes have for their sport to guide their actions. Whether that respect results in strict policies or ambiguous guidelines, is up to the coach.


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Volleyball finishes season as conference champions

The volleyball team ended their preliminary conference season with a loss to the Willamette Bearcats and a win over the Lewis & Clark Pioneers. The Pirates took first place in the Northwest Conference with a record of 13-3.

The Pirates began their weekend on Saturday, Nov. 6, by losing to the Bearcats in a close match, 3-2. The first set played out well for the Pirates. Whitworth held a lead for most of the set and finished with a score of 25-22.

However, the Bearcats came back strong and only lost their lead once in the second set. The Bearcats repeated their success in the third set and ended both sets with identical scores of 25-21.

"They're a very scrappy team," junior Breanna Buil said. "They Block really well against us. They just didn’t give up and kept coming after us.”

Whitworth attempted to turn the game around by winning the fourth set. Bruil led the Pirates offensively by scoring three kills in the set and 40 attacks for the night. The Pirates ended the set with a score of 25-16.

With the set score tied at 2-2, both teams came in prepared to end the game. The Pirates seemed to take the win by holding the lead for most of the set. However, at 14-14 one Bearcat kill and one Whitworth attack error gave the win to Willamette. The set ended at 16-14. While the Pirates led in kills and attacks, the Bearcats were able to take the victory and place third in the NWC.

“We just got a little hesitant,” head coach Kati Bodecker said. “We started making careful plays instead of executing with confidence. Willamette, on their end, did a great job of earning those last five points.”

Saturday night began with a rough start in the first set against the Pioneers. The Pirates held a strong lead at 21-16. However, the Pioneers were unwilling to give up and stole the first set with a score of 31-29.

The Pirates came back in the second set playing a much faster game to counter the Pioneers’ skill in blocking. Whitworth built a strong lead and was able to follow through to the end of the set, winning with a score of 25-21.

“I think it was our intensity,” senior Nicole Leonard said. “We were able to keep pushing and keep playing our game.”

The third set mirrored the second and gave the Pirates another set point. The Pirates entered the fourth game with a set score of 2-1. The Pirates ended the game with their best set of the weekend. The Pirates made an impressive 11-point run that brought their score to 17-3. The Pirates did not relent and ended the game with a score of 25-8.

“We just really wanted to prove ourselves,” Bruil said. “We wanted to prove that we are the outright conference champion. We wanted to make a statement that we are a great team that can play together with passion.”

The Pirates received a bid to the next stage of the NWC tournament, Bodecker said. The schedule will be posted on the Whitworth Pirates website. To find their schedule and who they will play next please go to www.whitworthpirates.com.


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Women’s soccer ends week with back-to-back draws

The women’s soccer team ended this last weekend by entering double overtime twice, and ending both games in a draw. The Pirates faced the Linfield Wildcats (1-1) on Satu day and the Willamette Bearcats (0-0) on Sunday.

The Pirates were unable to recreate their last matchup against the Wildcats when they won with a score of 1-0. Instead, the Wildcats improved their game and created a diffcult match for the Pirates.

The first half featured Linfield’s skilled passing, however the Pirates were able to keep up by using a strong defensive strategy. While the Wildcats had more possession of the ball, the Pirates were able to keep the ball in Linfield’s territory for most of the half.


“We were just trying to make sure that we were tracking our runs, getting the ball settled and working it up the field,” head coach Jael Hagerott said.

With less than 16 minutes left in the half, Linfield’s midfielder Emma Vukic was able to score a goal and end the first half in the lead (0-1).

As they entered the second half, the Pirates changed their strategy and put more emphasis on their offensive ability.

Less than a minute into the half, senior goalkeeper Andrea Stump made an impressive diving save, preventing Linfield from collecting another point. Stump saved four out of the five shots on goal for the game on Saturday.

Nine minutes later, a confusing call by the game officials resulted in the Pirates scoring. After the ball rolled out of bounds, most of the Wildcats moved downfield into Pirate territory believing they would have possession. However, the Pirates were granted the throw. Sophomore Courtney Potter quickly took the ball and ran downfield. With little defense to pressure her, Potter took the shot. The ball ricochet off of the left frame and landed in the goal. Potter’s goal marked her first goal for the season.


“It started in the back-left corner... and it was a combination play up top,” Potter said. “I just ran through the middle and [Tiara Pajimola] played a perfect ball through.”

The game entered two overtime matches with neither team scoring a point. The game ended with Linfield making a total of five shots on goal compared to Whitworth’s four.

On Sunday, the Pirates took on the Willamette Bearcats in an extremely physical game. The Pirates struggled in the first half to keep up with the Bearcats’ fast plays and physical defense. Willamette took the first shot on goal within less than a minute of starting the game. They would hold the lead for number of shots on goal for the entire game.

The first half ended with neither team scoring and the Bearcats gaining four shots on goal compared to Whitworth’s one.

Junior Hannah Langbehn helped keep the ball on Willamette’s half for most of the second half by disrupting many of the Bearcats’ plays and gaining possession.

“This weekend we were really working on pushing players inside and pulling an offsides trap,” Lang- behn said.

The second half ended with the same score and the Pirates losing their defensive edge. Towards the end of the half, neither team held a majority of the possession. However, as the teams entered overtime, the game began to heat up.

In just ten minutes of play, three fouls took place and two yellow cards were issued. Willamette showed their aggression and were issued two of the fouls. A yellow card was issued to Willamette junior Emma Sanders. Whitworth tried to keep up with the physicality and were issued one foul and a yellow card to junior Jennifer Loehner.

“Our girls were ready to dig in and to battle,” Hagerott said. “And then also deal with [Willamette’s physicality] by just moving the ball well on the field.”

The first overtime ended without either team making any progress. In the final round of overtime, both teams made a shot on goal, but were unsuccessful at winning the match.


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Volleyball jumps to first in conference over family weekend

The volleyball team put on a show for students and families by winning two games over Family Weekend. Friday night’s game against the Pacific Lutheran Lutes ended with a score of 3-1. The Pirates took a double victory by beating the Puget Sound Loggers, 3-0 the next day. The first two sets against the Lutes played out smoothly for the Pirates. Whitworth held a strong lead for the entire first set, ending in 25-17. The Lutes came back in the second set and gave Whitworth a challenge. They fell behind late in the set and lost with a score of 25-19.

The Pirates showcased their defensive skills with the help of senior Mallorie Schoesler. Schoesler racked up an impressive 30 digs on Friday.

“I’ve been really focusing on being aggressive on defense and just keeping my vision on the other side of the net,” Schoesler said.

The Lutes and Pirates were neck-and-neck for the entire third set. Neither team took a strong lead, but the Lutes were able to end the set at 28-26.

“I thought PLU did an excellent job of passing well,” head coach Kati Bodecker said. “They were able to get into a great rhythm offensively, utilizing all three hitters in the front row.”

The fourth set looked as if it were to parallel the outcome of the third set. However, the Pirates managed to pull ahead and win the game with a score of 25-22.

The Saturday game began with the Pirates winning the first set. However, it would be the smallest lead for a final score the Pirates would receive.

“I feel like they blocked us pretty well during that first set,” Bodecker said. “We had to adjust to that.”

The Pirates came out strong in the second set and held the lead for a majority of the set. About halfway through the set sophomore Corrine Bell suffered an injury and was forced to leave the game.

However, the Pirates did not let up and exhibited skill in placing kills in the areas left open by the Loggers. Senior Nicole Leonard led the offense with 16 kills and 36 attacks.

“With my height I’m not supposed to be this power hitter,” Leonard said. “So what I try to do is place the balls effectively.”

The Pirates ended the second set with a score of 25-14. Whitworth was able to duplicate their success in the third set and end the game 25-14.

After Family Weekend, the Pirates were able to reach first place in conference with a record of 8-2.

The volleyball team will face off against Whitman College on Wednesday, September 21. The game will be held in the Fieldhouse at 6 p.m.


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Volleyball beats top two conference competitors

The volleyball team found redemption in last week’s games by beating the top two teams in the Northwest Conference. The Pirates beat the first place Willamette University Bearcats, 3-1, and brought the second place Lewis & Clark University Pioneers down to third with a score of 3-1.

Friday night’s home game against the Bearcats got off to a rocky start with the Pirates falling behind early in the match.

“We knew they would be good blockers,” senior Shawna Korshavn said. “But we’ve beaten them in past years.”

The Bearcats showcased their strong ability to block attacks throughout the first set as well as the entire game. By the end of the game, the Bearcats had a total of 14 blocks and 26 attempts compared to Whitworth’s four blocks and eight attempts.

The Pirates were unable to catch up to Willamette until the score reached 12-12. For the rest of the set, the Pirates slowly gained points while the Bearcats quickly increased their score to 25. The set ended with a Willamette win and score of 25-17.

The Pirates were for the second set by working together and playing at a much faster pace.

Whitworth struggled for a strong lead due to Willamette tying it up at multiple points. However, at 8-7 the Pirates broke free and took a strong lead, which they would hold until the end of the set. The second set ended with score of 25-15.

“Our passers did a great job of initiating that play,” head coach Kati Bodecker said. “And then our hitters did a good job of terminating.”

Sophomore Cassie Mendoza led the offensive for the Pirates. By the end of the second set, Mendoza had a total of 10 kills and 22 attempts.

The Bearcats attempted to retaliate in the third set by holding a steady lead over the Pirates. Halfway through the set, the two teams tied the score at 13-13 and stayed neck and neck for the rest of the set. The Pirates were able to achieve a narrow victory and won the third set with a score of 25-23.

With the Pirates winning two sets in a row and holding a set score of 2-1, it seemed that Whitworth would dominate the game. The Pirates proved those predictions correct by dominating the fourth and final set.

Korshavn helped the Pirates achieve victory by landing 10 kills and 33 attempts throughout the game. However, the defense was led by senior Mallorie Schoesler who made 21 successful digs.

The Pirates ended the fourth set with relative ease. Whitworth held a solid lead for almost the entire set and ended with a nine-point lead. Friday night’s game ended with Whitworth winning the final set at 25-16 and holding a set score of 3-1.

Saturday’s game began with the Pioneers and the Pirates exchanging leads. Early in the first set, the Pioneers held a small lead, but dropped to seven points behind the Pirates at 19-13. The Pioneers closed the gap at 24-24, but the Pirates were able to close the set with two consecutive points.

The Pirates dominated the second set by holding a large lead for the majority of the set. The final 25-17 score was achieved through the of- fensive strength of sophomore Karina Lees who entered the game during the second set. Lees made five kills and 13 attempts in the sec- ond set as the right outside hitter.

“Right side is actually a newer position for me. I’ve only been playing it for about a week now,”Lees said.“I just have an aggressive mindset. I have something to prove.”

Lees went on to make a total of 11 kills against the Pioneers.

The Pioneers were able to win the third set with a close score of 25-22. The Pirates had difficulty digging Lewis & Clark’s trick attacks which were barely tapped over the net.

The Pirates used their skill of scoring points on serves to win the final set and close the game with a score of 25-23. The Pirates shot a total of nine service aces, one of which, ended the game.

“We have always wanted to use [serving] as a weapon and a way to score points,” Bodecker said.

The Pirates sit at second place for the NWC with a record of 6-2.

The Pirates will play at home on Friday, Oct. 16 against Pacific Lutheran University and Saturday, Oct. 17 against University of Puget Sound.


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Volleyball team suffers two losses while away in Oregon

The volleyball team suffered two defeats this past weekend while on the road in Oregon. The Pirates lost a hard-fought match against the Pacific University Boxers, 3-2, on Friday night. Saturday’s game ended in a 3-1 loss to the Linfield College Wildcats. The Pirates fell from first place in the conference, dropping to third behind Willamette University and Lewis & Clark University.

“I think that right now we can’t concern ourselves where we are at in conference,” head coach Kati Bodecker said. “Our biggest concern is just playing well and finding out what we need to fix to get better.”

The volleyball team started their weekend with a close loss to the Pacific University. Both teams showed varying levels of skill and weakness as seen in the ranging set scores.

The first set began with both teams struggling to take a sizeable lead. However, the Pirates were able to break away at 17-16 and would hold the lead for the rest of the set. Whitworth won the first set with a score of 25-23.

The second set appeared to follow the same pattern of the first. The Pirates initially held the lead at 22-21, but the Boxers were able to score four points in a row and win the set 25-22.

The Boxers came out strong in the third set by taking the lead and holding it for most of the set. The Pirates had difficulty keeping up and dropped behind as much as seven points. The Pirates were able to shrink the gap, but failed to prevent Pacific’s second set win, 28-26.

Whitworth responded by taking a eight-point lead in the fourth set. The Pirates won the set with a dramatic score of 25-17.

The Pirates were not able to carry that momentum over to the final set and lost with a score of 15-11 and a set score of 3-2.

“We had a couple small defensive skills that we needed to get better at,” senior Maddye Dinsmore said. “We have to be ready to show up and play our best ball any given night.”

Saturday night did not hold a better outcome for the Pirates. The Linfield Wildcats took the lead and won the first set with a score of 25-21.

The Pirates came back and dominated the second set by taking a strong early lead. The Pirates won the set with a score of 25-12.

“We got confidence in ourselves,” junior Brenna Bruil said. “We believed in each other so much that we were able to make a change and turn the game around.”

Bruil led the Pirates’ offense with 12 kills and 28 attempts. However, the third and fourth set mirrored each other and were claimed by the Wildcats. Both sets featured Whitworth taking an early lead, but letting it slip to Linfield. The third and fourth sets ended with scores of 25-20 and 25-22.

The Pirates will take on Lewis-Clark State tonight at 7 p.m. in Lewiston, Idaho.


Peter Houston-Hencken

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Volleyball team wins two hard-fought matches

The Volleyball team held its first place 10-3 overall standing by taking two victories last week against the Whitman Missionaries and the George Fox Bruins. The Pirates beat the Missionaries last Wednesday with a set score of 3-1, and achieved a narrow victory against the Bruins on Saturday 27. The Pirates began their Wednesday night game with a solid lead by winning the first set with ease.

The Whitman Missionaries simply could not keep up with the Pirates’ fast plays and cohesive teamwork. Minutes into the game, the Pirates had already taken the lead and would hold it for the rest of the set.

The Pirates’ lead continued to grow throughout the set and reached a peak of seven points when the score was 25- 18 at the end of the set.

The second set mirrored the first with Whitworth coming out strong. The Missionaries found themselves repeating their same mistakes and coming out with an even worse score of 25-17.


Though Whitworth seemed destined to win Wednesday’s match, the Pirates were unable to carry their momentum over to the third set to end the game. The Missionaries came out strong in the third set and took an early lead. The dynamic of the game had changed once Whitman held the lead at 7-2.

“Their block did a much better job,” Pirates head coach Kati Bodecker said. “They were making us work a little bit harder for our kills in that third set.”

The Pirates were unable to pick up the slack and stayed behind Whitman with a consistent margin. The set ended with a Missionary victory and a score of 25-19.

The fourth set of the match was close for its duration. The Pirates took the first point, but neither team was able to gain a solid lead. The Pirates and Missionaries stayed neck and neck until the score reached 12- 12.

“We knew that we needed to swing more aggressively and not let their block get in our way,” Bodecker said.

The Pirates were able to take the lead and managed a score of 18-14. Sophomore Cassandra Mendoza led the offensive with 18 kills and an attack percentage of 26 percent.

The Pirates were able to end the match with a score of 25-20 and a set score of 3-1.

Even though Saturday’s game ended with a better set score for the Pirates, the Bruins proved themselves to be a more challenging opponent.

“George Fox had a lot of intensity,” senior Nicole Leonard said. “Whitman has a few key hitters, and that’s what got us in trouble, but George Fox played all around as a team better than Whitman.”

Leonard led the Pirates in the first set by making the Pirates’ first kill of the game and getting an attack percentage of 34 percent.

The Pirates had a rough start, but once the gap was closed at 4-4, Whitworth took the lead and held it until the end of the set. The Pirates ended the first set with a solid score of 25-18.

The Bruins found an unexpected energy for the second set and jumped ahead to a score of 10-5. The Pirates were able to tie the score at 12- 12 but stayed neck and neck with the Bruins until the end of the set.

When the score reached 26-26, Mendoza and junior Haley Vick made kills to end the set with a score of 28-26.

“We were all working so hard,” Mendoza said. “You have to be gutsy, there at the end.”

The most intense set of the week came at the end of Saturday’s game. Neither team could get more than a three point lead and the teams remained evenly matched the entire set. Both teams exhibited talent with blocking and digging in the third set.

“Even through our struggles, our team does a really good job of maintaining our confidence,” Bodecker said. “They really picked up their intensity at the end.”

With each team constantly winning and losing the lead, the crowd was noticeably agitated. Both teams seemed tired when the score reached 31-31. Luckily, Leonard was able to make two successful kills and end the game at 33- 31.

Whitworth hold first place in the Northwest Conference with a record of 4-0. Even though Whitman is eighth and George Fox is sixth in the Conference, the Pirates did not let themselves get too comfortable.

“I feel like since we’re first in conference, we get the best of every team,” Leonard said. “They’re not coming here thinking they’re going to lose, they’re going to come play the best team.”

The Pirates will travel to Oregon this weekend and face off against Pacific University on Friday at 7 p.m. and Linfield University on Saturday at 5 p.m.


Peter Houston-Hencken 

Sports Editor

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Soccer takes first place in Conference with two wins

After three consecutive losses, the Whitworth women’s soccer team was able to redeem themselves by defeating the George Fox Bruins on Saturday and the Pacific University Boxers on Sunday. The two home games brought their conference standing to 2-1. The women took an early lead in the game on Saturday and finished with a crushing score of 4-1.

The Pirates got off to an amazing start by making two shots on goal and scoring less than ten minutes into the first half.  Senior forward Tiara Pajimola led the pirates offensive in the first half by scoring the first goal and attempting six shots.

“She’s just consistent in front of goal,” head coach Jael Hagerott said. “It’s also a group effort. She has to receive the ball from players. So it was sort of a combination with her determination and ability to be on goal.”

The score stayed at 1-0 for most of the first half. The difference in strategies between the two teams was noticeable during the game. The Bruins focused on long passes and getting down field as fast as possible. The Pirates; however, used their ability to make short passes and fast footwork to take the lead in the first half.

With less than five minutes left in the first half Pajimola made a corner kick that resulted in a scramble for the ball. In the middle of the scramble, freshman Brooke Morrow was able to free the ball and score a goal.

“In practice we do a lot of corner kicks.,” Morrow said. “Or we play four-on-four and scramble and know how to do that. Jael prepares us in those situations, like if it’s compact, just to do whatever we can.”

The Bruins entered the second half with an improved offense and defense. George Fox increased their shots on goal from five to six while the Pirates decreased from 10 to six. The Bruins were also able to score 10 minutes before the game ended.

“George Fox is a good team,” Pajimola said. “We were expecting a hard battle and we saw that team come out in the second half. They came out harder, they came out with more energy and more communication.”

Unfortunately for the Lutes, Whitworth bested them in the second half as well. Goals by sophomores McKenzie Hemp and Leah Corra brought the final score to 4-1.

The Pirates were able to win their Sunday game against the Pacific University Boxers 2-0. Neither team was able to score in the slow first half. The Pirates only had seven shots on goal.

However, the offensive picked up in the second half with 11 attempts for a goal. Senior DeNae Vandam was the first to score in the second half. Less than two minutes later, junior Jenna Morris followed up with another goal with an assist by Pajimola.

The game ended with the Pirates getting 20 attempts while the Boxers fell far behind with only four attempts.

The soccer team will travel to Oregon next week to challenge Linfield and Willamette. The Linfield game will be on Saturday 26 at noon while the Willamette game will be on Sunday 27 at noon.

Peter Houston-Hencken

Sports Editor

Double victory for volleyball in western Washington

The volleyball team began their conference season with two great performances this past weekend. The Pirates walked away from a match against Pacific Lutheran University with a 3-0 victory. However, the real challenge of their western state matches came on Saturday night when they faced the Puget Sound University Loggers.

The first set against the Loggers did not have a good start. About halfway through the set, Loggers held the lead at 20-13. However, the Pirates gained a lot of ground with the help of seniors Nicole Leonard and Shawna Korshavn. By the end of the game, Leonard and Korshavn made 12 and 10 kills, respectively.

The Pirates were able to tie up the game, 24-24. The Pirates ended up losing the first set, but were able to make a comeback and take the second set with a score of 25-20.

“One of the biggest things was our mentality,” junior Brenna Bruil said. “We worked really hard and believed that we were going to win in our hearts.”

The Pirates heavily dominated the beginning of the third set. Sophomore Cassandra Mendoza led the Pirates to a 18-7 lead halfway through the set. Mendoza was able to make a staggering 16 kills in the game on Saturday. Unfortunately, the Loggers began to gain ground and worked their way up to a deficit of only five points.

“I don’t think we ever lost our confidence,” head coach Kati Bodecker said. “If anything our frustration became more evident. But they found a way to persevere and they’re very resilient and when push comes to shove they find a way to score points.”

The Loggers won the fourth set, placing the score at 2-2. The Pirates were prepared to win and brought their best game to the fifth set.

“We really had a fire to win,” Mendoza said. “We knew we were the better team. We like the challenge and so we just went into it with a positive mindset.”

The Pirates were able to win the set with a score of 15-10, as well as win the game with a set score of 3-2.

Volleyball will be facing off with Whitman on Wednesday in Walla Walla at 6 p.m.

Peter Houston-Hencken

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