Club Update: Student Symposium

Student Symposium is a five-part student lecture series in its second year of existence. Over the past two years, they have had nine lectures, covering topics such as philosophy, science, public policy and other diverse subjects. Senior philosophy major and Symposium president Sam Director said that his favorite part of Symposium club is seeing the impact it has on students.

“Symposium is a group of students and faculty dedicated to improving and enhancing the quality of intellectual conversation at Whitworth,” Director said.

No subject is off-limits, but presenters are chosen based on how well they fulfill the club’s mission of furthering intellectual conversations. There are approximately 40 to 50 attendees per lecture.

“The best thing is that it’s student-run, student-presented and done predominantly for students. We want to help students see that education is something that leaves the classroom,” Director said.

The club is currently getting ready for its next lecture and prepping for next year.

“The students on the symposium board exemplify the behaviors that we’re trying to instill in students. They start conversations that matter,” Director said.

They will be opening up applications to be symposium board members soon.

“What we’re doing has caused people to reexamine their beliefs. This is vital to us as students, as Christians and as human beings,” Director said.

Emily Goodell 

Staff Writer

Club Update: Association for Computing Machinery

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is Whitworth’s resident computer science club. The club helps to organize students majoring and minoring in computer science, as well as organizing programs for all students to help them learn computer programming. “ACM’s purpose is to educate and promote computer science in all aspects of life, for everyone,” Bryan Hassel, co-vice president of web development for ACM said.

There are eight people on leadership for ACM. They have a president, two co-vice presidents of web development, an executive vice president, two co-vice presidents of gaming, a treasurer and a secretary.

Hassel led an HTML/CSS workshop last Thursday in the Eric Johnson Science Center.

“Programming really helps you in all disciplines. It gives you a new way to think of and understand the world of technology that we’re living in,” Hassel said.

The club has no regular meeting schedule, but offers numerous workshops and opportunities throughout the year.

Emily Goodell

Staff Writer

Club Update: Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society “provides resources and support for students who are interested in going to law school or pursuing a law degree” said freshman and club member Phillip Allevato. The club began meeting last semester. The creation of the club was influenced heavily by professor Julia Stronks, but was brought into fruition by club president Jonathan Kim and vice president Norann Beidas.

The club is comprised of students hoping to pursue law careers, but is open to anyone who has interest in law. There is no defined pre-law track at Whitworth, so the club provides necessary support to those students wanting to head in that direction.

“My favorite part of being in the club is the informational side. I’ve already learned so much,” said Allevato.

Kim, president of the club, is currently in the process of applying for law school and is sharing his step-by-step experience with the other members. He is also interviewing current law students about their experience and sharing that information with the club as well.

Two weeks ago, club members had the opportunity to hear a lecture given by a law professor from Willamette University College of Law.

The club meets every other Thursday at 6 p.m. in the coffee shop. Their next meeting is March 12th.

Emily Goodell

Staff Writer

Club Update: Eagle Club

The Eagle Club was founded by senior Eric Nikssarian, and was established in the spring of 2014.The club was initially based on the idea of joining previous Boy Scouts together in attempts to influence and volunteer within the scouting community. Nikssarian wanted the club to be open to everyone, regardless of any past scouting experience. He extended the club to include volunteer opportunities with nonprofit organizations, such as Christ Kitchen, in order to encourage and influence anyone and everyone who wants to make a difference to join.

“Join the club and we’ll find a place for you,” Nikssarian said. As the president of the Eagle Club, Nikssarian believes it’s important for students to find what inspires them and to feel comfortable volunteering in a position they know will work for them. Regardless of scouting or volunteer experience, there is a place for everyone and Nikssarian works with his members to find their place.

Nikssarian was initially given the idea to start the Eagle Club by a Tiger Scout Den Leader. As a sophomore, Nikssarian was convinced by a very influential classmate, John Ekber, to become a sports broadcaster for Whitworth FM during the current basketball season. At the first home game of the season, Nikssarian spotted a group of Tiger Scouts and their Den Leader. A former scout, he appreciated their presence and introduced himself. The Den Leader asked for Nikssarian to speak to the boys and they kept in contact.

A few months later, the Den Leader gave Nikssarian the idea to start the club.

“At first I didn’t know what the club was going to do,” Nikssarian said. He started the club and went with the flow. Eventually an opportunity presented itself and it all fell together.

Today the club has been active in many scouting and nonprofit opportunities as well as nature hikes. Their next coming event is Food for Thought on November 19th, working to feed the homeless in downtown Spokane at the House of Charity.  The club meets every Monday night at 7 p.m in Weyerheuser 305. For more information, contact Eric Nikssarian at


Alyssa Saari

Staff Writer

Club Update: Adopted Pirates

The Adopted Pirates of Whitworth was established by freshman Jian Rzeszewicz about a month ago in order to help foster children in Spokane and around the globe. Rzeszewicz is currently working with her secretary to contact about 20 local Spokane Children’s homes in order to work with them to set up volunteer opportunities, help host events, and provide donations. Rzeszewicz’s intends to help local foster children, but she’s also determined to help fellow pirates who have been adopted. Her hopes for the future are that as more members join, they can begin to form a community, bond, and become a support system for one another.

“You can’t help others without first helping yourself,” Rzeszewicz said, explaining the importance of the support group.

“Most of the time being a foster kid is difficult,” Rzeszewicz’s said, speaking from personal experience.

Rzeszewicz was born in Zhan-Jiang, China and at just a few days old was left on the street where a police officer found her and brought her to the local orphanage. At five months old, she was adopted by Kim and Dan Rzeszewicz and she has lived in Puget Sound, WA ever since.

Before she was adopted, her name was Guojiantao and her adopted parents then named her Hannah and used her chinese name as a middle name. Rzeszewicz finds it important to stay in touch with her culture and has gone by Jian.

As an adopted child, she understands the mixed emotions one might feel; abandonment, confusion, hurt, etc. Rzeszewicz hopes to help children through these trying emotions and help them find their place within their own lives.

The club meets every other Thursday night at 7 p.m in Eric Johnson 233. If you have any further questions or need more info about the club you can reach Jian Rzeszewicz at


Alyssa Saari

Staff Writer

Club Update: Gaming Club

The Whitworth Gaming Club’s mission is “to provide a place for everyone to unwind by just having some fun and playing games, as well as [to] connect gamers of all sorts in a welcoming community.” The club meets most Saturday nights in Hendrick Hall, which is behind Stewart, from 6-10 p.m. Club members enjoy card games, video games, and tabletop games, and encourage club attendees to bring their favorite games to share. Whitworth Gaming Club also organizes WhitCon, which is an annual spring convention that celebrates gaming, movies, TV, and nerd culture in general around Whitworth.

WhitCon is run much like Comic Con, a multi-genre entertainment and comic book fan convention, with events, competitions, and more. Last year, WhitCon featured Live Action Role Playing, or LARPing, a League of Legends tournament, a Super Smash Bros Melee tournament, movie and anime showings, and a cosplay contest, along with the opportunity to purchase WhitCon merchandise and support Whitworth artists.

If you enjoy gaming of any variety, or wish to learn more about WhitCon, the Whitworth Gaming Club is the place to go.


Courtney Murphy

Staff Writer

Club Update: Pirate PRIDE

This year Pirate PRIDE has been “revamped and brought back to life to represent a larger population of Whitworth than ever before,” said President Jessica Bondurant, sophomore. Pirate PRIDE strives to create a fun and safe environment for open conversation about the issues surrounding LGBTQ students. This is an inclusive group that welcomes LGBTQ students and anyone wishing to show their support.

The club meets every other Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. upstairs in the HUB’s ABC room. Many meetings are an opportunity to discuss LGBTQ issues, but the club also hosts activity nights involving crafts, games, etc.

Although they facilitate several big events on campus, Pirate PRIDE is currently focused on involvement with community organizations. Their next planned campus event takes place in April during the annual PRIDE week. For more information, contact Bondurant at


Kyla Parkins

Staff Writer

Club Update: Pep Band

Pep Band is a new club in its first year at Whitworth. At the end of last semester, sophomore Madison Artis and a group of fellow music enthusiasts were determined to start a Pep Band, even though no group had been successful in starting one in the past. Once the group gained support from the school, they became an official club.

So far, the band has played at three football games, and hope to continue to play at basketball games after football season is over. The band plays classic pep songs, popular music, and also a newly-arranged version of the Whitworth fight song.

The Pep Band brings spirit and liveliness to football games, and hopes to someday expand to be a full-sized band. The band’s goal for next year is to play at the homecoming football game, and to invite alumni musicians to play with them.

If you have any questions about Pep Band or want to join, contact Madison Artis.


Courtney Murphy

Staff Writer

Club Update: Jubilation Dance Ministry

“Jubilation Dance Ministry is a Christ-centered group of Whitworth University dancers that seeks to enjoy and honor God, develop relationships, and express authentic emotion through dance,” said junior Logan Shenkel, public relations and costume coordinator. Jubilation welcomes dancers of every skill level and at any point in the semester.  Different Jubilation classes include Irish dance, contemporary, musical theatre, jazz, hip-hip and both advanced and beginning ballet. The class schedule can be found on the Whitworth Clubs website.

According to Shenkel, the Jubilation leadership team shares a dance in Chapel monthly, as well as performing in local Spokane churches during the Advent season. Jubilation is performing their Fall Showcase on Nov. 22 at 7 p.m. on Stage II of Cowles Auditorium.

Overall, Jubilation’s goal is to “bring people closer to God while simultaneously praising and worshipping our Savior with a gift He has given us,” Shenkel said. Contact Shenkel at for more information.


Kyla Parkins

Staff Writer

Club Update: Ultimate Frisbee Club

Ultimate frisbee is a very popular activity around Whitworth’s campus. Walking around the Loop on a sunny day, it is  hard to avoid the frisbees flying through the air. It is only natural that Whitworth would have their own Ultimate Frisbee Club. The club is primarily based around the Bangarang Ultimate Team, which is a competitive ultimate frisbee team that travels to various tournaments around the country to play other college-based teams.

Ultimate frisbee has grown in popularity so much that there are now multiple college leagues that give universities, even smaller ones like Whitworth, a chance to play in national tournaments. The Whitworth Men’s competitive team has been only one game away from attending the national tournament for the past two years, so the team has had some success.

However, the Ultimate Frisbee Club is more than just a competitive team. It also allows beginners to learn the game of ultimate frisbee in a friendly environment.

The club is trying to expand the sport of ultimate frisbee to as many people as it can, regardless of gender or athletic ability. There are around 25 members of the club, and the team meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30 P.M. for team practices and Saturdays at 1:00 P.M. The practices take place at Holmberg Park.

There are also various other meetings for tournaments, frolfing, casual frisbee play or just to hang out. The Ultimate Frisbee club is a great way to get to know more about this ever-growing sport and get to know people who you can play with. It is also a great way to get active outside.

For more information, contact the Club President Daniel Khoe at or the Woman’s Team Captain at


Jacob Millay

Staff Writer

Club Update: The League of Pirates

The League of Pirates is a Whitworth club based around the popular online video game “League of Legends,” a free to play multiplayer online battle arena. The game focuses on strategy and teamwork, with the most popular game mode focused on destroying the other team’s nexus (or base) while still defending your team’s nexus. “League of Legends”has become one of the most popular video games in the world in the past few years, and that popularity that spawned many competitive teams. Whitworth is no different. The League of Pirates started in 2012 and allows for both experienced and new players to enjoy “League of Legends”with people around campus in a recreational and competitive environment.

The League of Pirates has several different types of events. It hosts various tournaments throughout the year for Whitworth teams with prizes for the winners. There are viewing parties for the very popular professional competitive scene of “League of Legends.” The League of Pirates also has their own competitive ranked team which participates in tournaments outside of Whitworth’s campus.

For more information on how to get involved, you can join the League of Pirates Facebook page or email the club president Tyler Burke at


Jacob Millay

Staff Writer