Empower Ethiopia Honeybucs

Students in the Transforming Leadership class are conducting a fundraiser from Nov. 17-21. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise sanitation awareness and $3,000 for 12 latrines for villages in Ethiopia. Student volunteers will work alongside the New Covenant Foundation to provide three villages in Ethiopia with Community Health Evangelists. The CHEs will be sent to Ethiopia to live among the community and train church planners in local villages to construct latrines. Besides the obvious health benefit among the communities, the money from the fundraiser will also provide stable jobs in the area. For every $100 donated over the $3,000 goal one more latrine will be built.

Two Honey Bucket port-a-potties are stationed in the loop. Fundraiser participants will use the port-a-potties until they raise $150.

Of three suggested fundraisers presented to the Transforming Leadership class, a panel of judges chose the Honeybucs group, led by sophomore Chase Weholt.

“I went to the Dominican Republic in 2011 for a mission trip and part of the mission was building latrines with members of the community,” Weholt said. “It just so happens that my sponsor child was there and I saw him take a dump in the street.”

Honeybucs will have a booth set up in the HUB throughout the week where students can make donations. Students can use either flex dollars or direct payment to donate. Those not able to donate money directly, a two-day fasting campaign from Sodexo is an option to participate. Sodexo will donate $2 for every meal that students do not eat at the cafeteria, senior Grant Livingston said.

It is a great hands-on experience, Livingston said.

“It requires you to invest in yourself and in others if you want to be successful,” he said.


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