God’s gifts are testaments to His noteworthy nature

How can you hear about God and not be impressed? Genesis gives us a glimpse of what God is capable of. He made the sky and gave it life. Below it, he created the ocean and the mystery of its depth. He hung all the planets, plus the moon and the stars. Then, He stretched the trees to challenge the height of the tallest mountain peak. He gave life to the microscopic, while in turn made us to match His perfect image. All of this was done for us.

How can you hear about  God and not be impressed?

Look at all the stories in the Old Testament. In the beginning of Isaiah, when God displayed the supremacy He has to destroy the Earth, He rose up powerful nations that were brought into deliverance in God’s name. Other examples include when He spoke to Moses through a burning bush, saved Daniel from the lion’s den and used a mere shepherd, David, to defeat the enemy of the Lord’s city. He provided, promised, saved and loved. Impressed now?

The New Testament continues to display how awesome God truly is. The Gospels tell the story of God’s only son, sent in human form to die a painful death in order to give us life. He loved the rejected, gave to the poor and healed the sick, while He was loved by few and rejected by many. God used Jesus as an instrument to show his abiding love for them, and inevitably for us. To bring peace to the hearts of the troubled, reveal truth in the midst of darkness and clothe with gladness those with hardened hearts. God used Jesus to perform miracles; raising Lazarus from the dead, driving out demons and ridding people of leprosy, blindness and lameness.

Everything Jesus did was through the power of God. God prophesied these accounts to happen so that once Jesus took his last breath, once he said it was finished, we’d have the chance to spend eternity in Heaven with a God that loves us more than anyone ever can.

Impressed yet?

God is the father, the beginning and the end, the all-powerful and untamable who rules with mercy, grace and wisdom.

He loves you; he loves me, for all we are and all we will ever be. While the devil wants to destroy us, He is fighting to keep us in His kingdom and in His arms so that we may live out the promise Jesus states in John 10:10 as His work for God, “I come that they may have life, and have it in full.”

With everything God has done, everything He is capable of doing and the awesome God He is, He still loves us unconditionally. Now that you have read a mere smidgen of God’s impressive work I will ask you again: how can you hear about this God and not be impressed?


Haley Williamson Columnist

Williamson is a sophomore majoring in journalism and mass communications. Comments can be sent to hwilliamson15@ my.whitworth.edu.