Pinterest redefining traditional roles of women

In our culture, women tend to enjoy independence. They tend to live life in opposition to the domestic stereotype of the past. This domestic life revolved around cooking and baking in the kitchen, cleaning, knitting and sewing. Today, that lifestyle for women is essentially viewed with a negative eye.

When I go on the internet, I surpass Facebook, YouTube and email and go straight to Pinterest.  I think this action may be true for many other women.

Pinterest is an online bulletin board that posts pictures of anything ranging from recipes and do it yourself crafts to cleaning tips.  It also has fashion, fitness, photography and more.

If a picture appears that catches your eye, you pin it to your own personalized board, create a caption and allow your followers to see what you are interested in.

It doesn’t stop there; you can click on the picture posted and it may take you to its original website, providing more information about that pin.

You can click the picture and find full recipes, step-by-step knitting instructions and where clothing items can be purchased.

This website’s popularity continues to grow and attract new ‘pinners’ each day. With recipes just a click away, I have begun to spend more time in the kitchen testing out different dinners. I have talked to friends who have expressed that they have begun to cook most of their meals because Pinterest has given them ideas of what to make and how.

Now with the holiday season surrounding us, more and more sheets of cookies and pans of cakes have emerged throughout halls, houses and kitchens because Pinterest has been influential.

Also, women are finding fun ways to clean and organize the bathroom and bedroom.  They are seeing pictures of fun scarves to make by hand or how to mend articles of clothing.

Craft stores are loving the fact that people are pinning more crafts and are coming into their stores to buy fabric, sewing kits, yarn, needles and all sorts of various home-made craft basics.

See what I am getting at?

Without publicly calling themselves a ‘become-a- domestic-woman’ website, Pinterest is beginning to re-create the role of women.

This is by no means a bad thing, and I am not saying that any woman using Pinterest is now a stereotypical domestic woman and should wear an apron and have a vacuum ready at all times.

Pinterest has made such negatively viewed lifestyles both fun and enjoyable.  It gets women cooking and baking for the fun of it and not in a ‘submitting-to-their-husband-or-spouse’ kind of way.

It gets women to want to organize and clean things in creative ways because they want to, not because they have to.

Pinterest has created opportunities to try do-it-yourself projects that women may have never been exposed to or considered trying because of possible negative connotations.

Pinterest is shaping lives and is not only limited to women, but men use it as well and can get just as much out of it.

My challenge to you: if you don’t use Pinterest, simply make an account.  Begin to use it by trying out recipes, at-home fitness programs and admiring photography and art.

If you use Pinterest, good job, continue to let it shape daily habits, open up doors to further exploration and allow it to make stereotypical domestic lifestyles become more enjoyable opportunities.

Haley Williamson Columnist

Williamson is a sophomore majoring in journalism and mass communications. Comments can be sent to hwilliamson15@

DIY: Create an infinity scarf from old fabric

With the cool, crisp weather setting in, it is the perfect time to bundle up in a do-it-yourself infinity scarf found on Pinterest.

Step 1:      Find an old or new solid-color T-shirt that you don’t mind cutting up. If you want a longer scarf, a large T-shirt works best.

Step 2:      Lay the shirt out flat and cut along the bottom to cut off the hemline. (You won’t need that part.)

Step 3:      Start cutting two-inch wide strips along the bottom of the shirt, which will create large loops. Cut about five or six strips. If the edges of the loops aren’t cut perfectly straight, that’s OK.

Step 4:      Take all the loops and stretch them out. This will cause the sides to roll up and hide the uneven edges.

Step 5:      Lay the loops down on top of each other and take an extra piece of fabric to tie the loops together.

Step 6:      Finally, glue on a flower, or some other sort of embellishment to hide the tie on the loops.

Ashlynn Phillips Staff Writer

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A homemade Halloween

Do-it-yourself costumes for dressing up on a dime

With Halloween coming around the corner, you might be starting to think about this year’s costume. Special Halloween costume stores often run their prices rather high, so why not try making your own this year? These do-it-yourself costumes will definitely be the ones to beat.

Ready to go “Gangnam Style?”

For this costume you will need a blue tuxedo jacket, which can probably be found at a store such as Goodwill. Grab a black fabric marker to outline the black details on the jacket. Next, pull out the cleanest, white button up shirt you have, a black bow tie and some shades.

Meet the New Miss America

If you have access to an old prom dress, all you have to do is find a tiara, some gaudy jewelry, and a bouquet. Then pile on the stage make-up. The last and final piece of the puzzle will be to make yourself a sash from wide white ribbon, with Miss America written in glitter glue.

The name’s Bond, James Bond

Put on a suit (you can most likely find a somewhat cheap one at Value Village), white shirt and bow tie. Can’t tie it? Doesn’t matter. Leave it undone for effect. Add an impressive looking watch, and then summon your most confident, cocky self. That’s it. It’s that easy.

Oompa Loompa Do-ba-dee-doo (I’ve got a perfect costume for you.)

Find an old brown long sleeve shirt and paint white stripes on the collar of the shirt and at the cuffs of the sleeves. Then, strap on some white suspenders. If you don’t have any or don’t want to purchase them, then just glue some ribbon to the shirt to create suspenders. As for the pants, an old pair of baseball pants works great. Pull on some long, brown socks and brown shoes. Next, spray paint a blonde Marilyn Monroe wig green. Finally, paint your face orange with face paint and tape on a few cotton balls above your eyes to create white eyebrows.

The Classic Mummy

For those of you who only have 10 minutes to pull something off, then this costume is definitely for you. Raid your bathroom for toilet paper, wrap yourself up as a mummy, and walk with stiff arms and legs. Squirt some red food coloring all over the toilet paper to look like blood. Just as long as it isn’t raining, this should work great.

Pucker Up Kissing Booth

Find a long box that will cover your head and go down to your waist. Cut out a window in the front of the box and two holes on the sides of the box for your arms. Then, paint the entire box red. Next, tape some kind of curtains in the window of the box. Make a sign that says “Kissing Booth” and glue it to the front of the box. Now it’s time to put on some lipstick and pucker up for some freebie Halloween night kisses. Better yet, charge a quarter a kiss for a profitable costume.

Ashlynn Phillips Staff Writer

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