Now open: Revive Coffee shop

Whitworth sociology professor Jason Wollschleger and his wife Tonya opened up a coffee shop this summer that serves fresh baked goods and sandwiches. The Wollschlegers became the new owners of Revive Coffee (6704 N. Nevada St. Suite 1) on June 1.

“I was always on the hunt for a little coffee shop,” Tonya said. “Our realtor found one, but we didn’t love it.”

Tonya had imagined a cafe, so the beginning space she had to work with was a let-down at first. She was not pleased with the aesthetics of the shop and knew there was work to be done. She wanted the decor to be more home-like with a naturalistic setting utilizing wood, stone and textiles. Jason spent hours changing the paint color after work, and created an entirely new feel for the place. By June it was transformed into Revive Coffee.

The owners are environmentally conscious. They use recycled products and are completely paperless, as they only use electronic receipts. They also use organic ingredients that are bought locally so they can give back to their community.

“We create the flavors ourselves, so what’s cool about our drinks is that we actually use real ingredients like pumpkin in our pumpkin chai while other places only use spices,” Tonya said.

Additions to come in the near future will include a bar where students will be able to come and plug in electronics as they study.

Currently displayed in Revive is roller derby portraiture by Pullman artist Henry Stinson. Jason and Tonya have an interest in the sport because their two daughters are roller derby girls who play on a local team, the Lilac City Pixies. The paintings cover an entire wall of the shop. Currently being featured is a Dita Von Death, an all-chocolate muffin named after a local derby girl from the Lilac City Roller Girls, the Spokane women’s team.

Whitworth senior Katie Traylor is Jason’s research assistant and started visiting Revive Coffee frequently, eventually started volunteering and was offered a job and currently bakes in the evenings for Revive.

“It’s a great place to work. Tonya is driven and creates a comfortable environment; it’s an inviting place where people are welcomed, and cared about,” Traylor said. “That’s why we have so many regulars, because we care for our customers.”

Jason said that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there’s a good chance his students could have their professor be their barista. Students at Whitworth will receive a 15 percent discount.


Juliette Torres Staff Writer

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