Intramurals provide alternative community

Whitworth is known for its community; the community in the dorm, the community in the coffee shop and elsewhere. However, the community provided by intramurals is often overlooked. It is so easy for people to skip over sign-up emails or not want to talk to people about forming a team and then miss out on an awesome aspect of Whitworth.

My freshman year, I joined an ultimate Frisbee intramural team and had a blast getting to know other people in my dorm beyond a surface level exchange of hellos in the hallways. Some of those friendships grew deeper due to a friend of mine deciding to spread the word about starting a team.

Now, this year, I was asked to join a new team for ultimate Frisbee intramurals and went into it knowing two people. Now, I have had the chance to form friendships with teammates whom I may have never met, had I not decided to join.

Frisbee is not the only place where community within intramurals takes place. While playing a Frisbee game, I often see football and soccer teams on the other side of the field laughing, high fiving and coming together as a team. There are also intramural teams for volleyball, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, tennis and other sports.

An intramural team allows you to take an hour break from homework for friendly competition. It allows you to get active without the seriousness of a team, practice and training.

After joining a team, you will notice teammates, or competition, all over campus and you will see your community here expand.

I have a teammate whom I met because we play on the same team, and now we notice that we always pass each other on campus and frequently do homework in the coffee shop at the same time.

Before, I did not notice how often our paths crossed and didn’t even know his name. My challenge to you is to stop making excuses.

You will always too feel busy, uninterested, too cool or not good enough until you try it out.

Whatever the excuse is, it shouldn’t stop you from wanting to have an amazing experience, meet new people and expand your community.

Haley Williamson Columnist

Williamson is a sophomore majoring in journalism and mass communications. Comments can be sent to hwilliamson15@