Students responsible for holding Whitworthian historically accountable

After spending several hours sitting on an uncomfortable library stool and sifting through hundreds of Whitworthian archives, it hit me.

The Whitworthian lasts forever.

Now that may sound silly at first, seeing as hundreds of Whitworthians fill the post office recycle bins every Wednesday, but it really is true.

The Whitworthian holds Whitworth’s history.

It hit home for me when I realized that every single person who was on the Whitworthian before me spent more than enough hours crafting a newspaper that was probably just carelessly tossed in the trash. And that happens today. Students are throwing away the information that will become history.

Just to clarify, I was sifting through the archives looking for the history of Prime Time, which was a lot harder than it should have been (I don’t spend several hours sitting in the library looking through old Whitworthian issues for fun).

But it got me thinking, hoping and praying that 20 years from now, some student doesn’t look at the Whitworthians I produced and become frustrated that I didn’t cover the information they’re looking for.

So, why should you, as a student totally removed from the production of the Whitworthian, care?

Well, we need someone to hold us accountable.

Why wasn’t an article written about the start of Prime Time? I have no idea, but let me reiterate how frustrating it was.

The Whitworthian is meant to be the voice of the students. While it is completely student run, 10 students shouldn’t solely hold the power as to what is published; our goal is  to cover information that is important to all students.

We don’t get a lot of feedback. I hear a snide comment here and there about how nobody reads the newspaper, but other than having slight factual errors corrected, I hear nothing else.

I challenge students next year to be more than complacent. Take responsibility. Take action. Hold the Whitworthian accountable. Make sure that information important to you is being written about, because maybe 20 years down the road, some student will be looking for information that nobody fought for coverage of.

Chrissy Roach


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