ASWU Update May 1

  • Director of campaign planning Tad Wisenor updated ASWU on a presentation he gave on the Robinson Science Building and Whitworth’s  focus on “place making.”
  • Greg Orwig, vice president for admissions and financial aid, explained an addition to the Act Six program. There will be eight Act Six scholars next year instead of 10, and 20 additional students will be part of a new program, called Act Six Academy. Students in Act Six Academy will receive the pre-college training offered to Act Six students, a small scholarship and other support.
  • ASWU approved a $4,633.60 requisition from the capital budget to provide supplies for a nine-hole disc golf course in the Back 40. The requisition was made by intramural coordinator Tyler Coopman, who will be working with facilities services on the placement and installation of the course.
  • ASWU approved an addition to the bylaws of their constitution that provides for a closed executive session, attended only by voted members, for situations when the information being discussed cannot be shared with the student body.
  • ASWU also made changes to their Financial Standard Operating Procedures. There will now be a requirement that two students who are not involved in ASWU are on the budget committee. They also approved a clause that Spring Break trips would not receive funding from ASWU.