Financial Vice Presidential Candidate: Herman Valdez

Major: Accounting

Year: Sophomore

Editorial Board: What is your class load like for next year and what will your other responsibilities be?

Herman Valdez: Looking at around 15 credits. No other extra curriculars planned.

EB: Why are you running for this ASWU position?

HV:  I really love accounting. I've seen glimpses of ASWU but I haven’t really had a chance to get super involved. I think it’s a great opportunity to get involved behind the scenes and be a part of it.

EB: What three things do you want to have accomplished by the end of the semester if you are elected?

HV: 1. The current FVP mentioned how it’s a little unorganized with clubs so I'll try and get things straightened out and a little more streamlined. How clubs request money is a little confusing for them. Maybe if there’s a way to make that easier for them and if they don’t have training, train them on how to do that.

2. Making it a hired position instead of elected. I think that hired would make it easier for the person and given the nature of the position it would be more appropriate.

3. I would love if the FVP and the student body was made aware of the funding and given the option to help decide where those funds went.

EB: What is the relationship between ASWU and the Whitworthian?

HV: My understanding is the Whitworthian kind of stands on its own and you guys can generally publish what you want. I imagine you guys are kind of like the mouth of ASWU and you guys can share what’s happening.

EB: What are your weaknesses in terms of the position you're running for?

HV: Possibly my biggest weakness would be that I know the three executives hold the large group meetings, and I tend to be a people pleaser at times. So trying to build a relationship where you can say no to one person and say yes to another might be difficult.

EB: Why should we vote for you rather than your opponent?

HV: I’m very passionate about this position and I’m very passionate about accounting. I've had other financial roles with other classes. I love building relationships so I would want to build relationships with everyone I work with. I would try and make that a priority. I'm running as a write-in because I was contemplating having an internship and a busier schedule but somethings didn't work out. With added support and confidence I decided this is what I want.