Book Review: La Ruina’s ‘The Natural’

How to be the world’s greatest seducer and write a book bragging about it Single Awareness Day has come and gone, leaving many of us wondering why we are single. What should I be doing differently? Is it my hair? Attitude? Lifestyle? Why them and not me? Gentlemen, you are in luck. According to author Richard La Ruina, he has the answer to all of those questions in his recently released book, “The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract the Women You Want.”

La Ruina is so confident in his abilities to turn neglected and ignored men into the next “Rico Suaves,” that he has deemed himself, “master lothario” (which by the way, the dictionary defines as a man who obsessively seduces and deceives women). He includes a warning at the beginning of the book.

“When you have completed this book, you will possess a kind of raw power that at first can be intoxicating,” La Ruina writes. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

The warning continues. La Ruina tells the male reader that he will need to use his “moral compass” and use these skills only for good, especially when “you find that special someone, offer her the love and respect she deserves.” That is slightly ironic since throughout the book La Ruina continually references his “amazing” conquests, taking home a different magazine-worthy woman every night of the week.

La Ruina’s book seems to be an homage to himself. He begins “The Natural” by explaining his background growing up in London. He continues by describing how he had never had a girlfriend, dropped out of college and lived at home with his mother until the age of 25. Then, one magical day, things changed and he began to study the art of “the game.”

The game is the pickup artist’s expertise. To become a master at the game a male is able to pick up any woman he is interested in. There is a whole science behind it, and supposedly La Ruina has mastered these “skills.”

Out of the goodness of his heart, La Ruina has offered to teach others these skills through his book, website and videos.

What is discussed in La Ruina’s first chapter “The Attraction,” seems like nothing more than basic social science theories. Men are attracted to healthy women who seem able to have children. Women are attracted to strong men who seem like they will be able to provide. In order for a weak man to seem strong, the weak man needs to build up his image with positive self-talk. Self-talk needs to be spoken in the positive, not the negative. Oh, did I mention, La Ruina said he took home a tall, Estonian model?

According to, customers either love the man and his ideas or go to the other extreme, citing him as egotistical, describing fake conquests and teaching “creepy” strategies that would never actually work.

I for one know that if I were approached by a man embodying La Ruina’s essence, I would keep running in the opposite direction for as long and as far as possible.

Story by Nerissa Kresge Staff Writer

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