Avenue Pizza, Tully’s Coffee share corner in Browne’s Addition

West of downtown is Spokane’s oldest residential neighborhood: Browne’s Addition, affectionately nicknamed Browne’s by its residents. Browne’s Addition district is decorated with old buildings built by Spokane’s early elite. In 1976 Browne’s became a part of the National Register of Historic Places for Spokane, according to the register’s online database. Located on the corner of Pacific Avenue and Cannon Street in Browne’s Addition, Seattle-based  Tully’s Coffee and a Spokane original, Pacific Avenue Pizza, serve the neighborhood.

Pacific Avenue Pizza, also known as Avenue Pizza, has been located at 2001 W Pacific Ave. for seven years.  Darin Talotti has owned the restaurant and bar for the past two years, and has changed the pizza recipes and the decor.

Avenue Pizza’s walls are decorated with original comic book covers, posters and classic lunch boxes. The menus are even placed between the pages of an original comic book. The style came from Talotti’s desire to decorate the place as his own space.

“Its stuff I’ve collected over the years,” Talotti said.

The style reflects Talotti’s goal for his restaurant to be a place that has a welcoming feel. Talotti said he wants his customers to have a place to hangout out and relax.

One of Talotti’s favorite things about his restaurant is the location. Talotti has worked at a bar downtown and doesn’t see the bar environment and his restaurant’s as the same. He sees more regulars come into Avenue Pizza and said he likes to have it be a place where people don’t have to eat and run like it was at the bar.

“It’s more laid back,” Talotti said. “It’s like downtown, but has a welcoming feeling.”

Regular Pacific Avenue Pizza customer and Browne’s resident Jason Kull said he not only thinks the restaurant is great, but likes living where he does. Kull said the area is its own community, and he appreciates the culture.

“This whole place is geared towards art and family,” Kull said.

Avenue Pizza makes Chicago style pizzas. One of the most popular is the Thai Chicken, with chicken, onions, cilantro, red peppers, Thai peanut sauce and mozzarella cheese. The menu also has a variety of salads, sandwiches and wraps.

Next door to the pizza shop is Tully’s Coffee. Tully’s currently has different Holiday espresso drinks like the Egg Nog Latte and the Peppermint Mocha.

The Tully’s in Browne’s Addition has been owned by Dave Tawney for more than three years since its first opening. Dave’s mother, Ginny Tawney, works at the coffee shop and said she enjoys working at Tully’s because of the different people she gets to see.

Ginny said she likes the location in Browne’s Addition because of the atmosphere created by the community. She said the people are nice and Tully’s gets a lot of regulars who come into the coffee shop.

“I love the people,” Ginny said. “I love my job.”

Ginny said her favorite part about having a shop in Browne’s Addition is the scenery. She likes the historic housing, mansions and the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.

“The scenery is beautiful,” Ginny said. “It’s got a cozy niche.”

Tully’s customer and Browne’s resident Pat Howe comes into Tully’s a few times each week. The main attraction of the shop is the congenial atmosphere. He also said he likes the people who go into the shop as well as those who live in the community.

“It has a different feel to it,” Howe said. “Most of Browne’s I enjoy.”

Howe said he likes the old-fashioned look of Browne’s Addition.  The house he lives in was built in 1898, and most of the houses in the area are built in the early 1900s.  Howe also said he likes the old trees that line the streets, along with the smaller details that many people might miss. One of the unique designs that makes Browne’s an attractive area for Howe is the bricks that can be found on the crosswalks.

“I think for me it’s the old roads,” Howe said. “Some of the brick roads are still here.”

Down in Browne’s Addition on the corner of Pacific Avenue and Cannon Street two shops sit side by side:  Pacific Avenue Pizza,  a shop unique to the neighborhood, and Tully’s Coffee, which can be found around the world. Each fit into the Browne’s community in their own way creating places where customers relax and socialize.


Story and photos by Melissa Barringer