The Whitworthian has served as the main source of news, arts and sports coverage for the Whitworth community since 1905. The Whitworthian is an organization composed entirely of students who produce The Whitworthian weekly newspaper and this website.

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Accuracy Policy & Free Speech


TheWhitworthian.news is the daily online source of news and sports coverage for the Whitworth community. The content is generated entirely by students at Whitworth University, and the opinions and ideas expressed on TheWhitworthian.news are those of the individual artists, writers and student editors. TheWhitworthian.news is not an official Whitworth University publication and its contents do not necessarily reflect the views of the Associated Students of Whitworth University (ASWU), the university, its administration or faculty/staff.


The Whitworthian encourages readers to comment on any content on the TheWhitworthian.news. Article comments can be posted by anyone. The opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinion of The Whitworthian, its editors or its staff. The Whitworthian strives to monitor and delete comments with profanity, advertisements, obscenity, plagiarism, personal attacks, threats of violence or that violate the law or common decency. However, since The Whitworthian does not control user submitted statements, we cannot promise that readers will not find offensive or inaccurate comments on occasion.

As part of our effort to maintain civil discourse on the Whitworthian.news, The Whitworthian will delete comments posted anonymously or under a pseudonym unless such anonymity is deemed appropriate by The Whitworthian staff.

For this reason, The Whitworthian asks readers to be responsible and respectful in any comments posted and to attach their name to their comment. The responsibility for statements posted lies with the person submitting the comment, not the Whitworthian.news. Readers are also encouraged to report questionable comments by emailing ephillips@my.whitworth.edu.


The Whitworthian is committed to providing the Whitworth community with the most accurate information possible. The Whitworthian never knowingly publishes inaccuracies. If any error is found, The Whitworthian is obliged to correct the error as soon as possible, regardless of the source of the error. This includes all matters of fact, including the misspelling of proper names.


The Whitworthian requires all staff & editor writers to submit quote accuracy checks to sources prior to publication. Sources must return accuracy checks by Sunday at 5 p.m. for print issues or by a designated time for online stories set between writer and source. The Whitworthian editors reserve the right to decide how quotes will be modified. Quotes will only be modified if a factual error has been found on the part of the writer. A request for a change based on tone, meaning of sentence, grammar, word choice or quote redaction will not be accepted changes.


Whitworthian.news contains links to external sites. The Whitworthian is not responsible for the content or the privacy practices of such Web sites. Opinions, ideas and products expressed in external links do not necessarily reflect the views of The Whitworthian, its editors or its staff.


Submitting Tips


The Whitworthian is a public forum that believes in freedom of speech and expression as guaranteed in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.


The Whitworthian welcomes and encourages any and all suggestions for covering topics and events that might be relevant to the Whitworth community. While staff and time limitations prevent us from covering every story that might interest our readers, we try to cover news and events that effect the largest parts of the Whitworth community. To submit suggestions or ideas for our coverage, please contact us at ephillips19@my.whitworth.edu If you have a breaking news tip, please contact the news editor directly.

Opinions Policy & Letters to the Editor


The Whitworthian welcomes reader responses to stories appearing in the newspaper or views on issues of interest to the Whitworth community. Letters must bear the writer’s name, year (if applicable), major (or position in the college) and phone number (for verification purposes only). Anonymous letters will not be published. Letters should not exceed 250 words. The Whitworthian reserves the right to edit all letters for content and space. Letters must be received by 2 p.m. on Saturday for publication in the following Wednesday’s issue.

The Whitworthian encourages members of the community to submit longer guest commentaries about issues relevant to the Whitworth community. Commentaries of 700 words or less will be published as space permits. The Whitworthian looks for commentaries that are relevant and well-researched. To ensure a better chance of publishing, please contact The Whitworthian with specifics regarding when you plan to submit your commentary and what issue you are interested in addressing.

Letters to the editor and guest columns are printed as space in the Opinions section permits. The Whitworthian does not guarantee the publication of any letter or guest column. Additional letters to the editor or guest columns may be run online. The Whitworthian reserves the right to edit for content and space. Announcements of events will not be printed as letters to the editor. All letters to the editor and guest columns should be sent to creichert20@my.whitworth.edu or submitted online at Whitworthian.news.


Columns, editorial cartoons and reviews are the opinions of their individual creators and not necessarily the opinion of The Whitworthian, its editors or its staff. The opinions expressed in those pieces are also not necessarily the views or stances of Whitworth University, its administrators, staff or faculty. Editorials in the “In the Loop” section reflect the majority opinion of the Editorial Board which is made up of student editors.


The results of polls on the Whitworthian.news are not scientific and only reflect the opinions of Internet users who have chosen to participate. The results cannot be assumed to represent the opinions of Whitworth University, Whitworth students, Internet users in general, nor the public as a whole.