Letter to the Editor: Marching for life on the front lines

Mattie Bond, ‘18
Co-President of Whitworth Students for Life

On Jan. 28, people from across the Northwest, including me and around a dozen other students from Whitworth University, gathered at Walk for Life Northwest to celebrate life, peacefully protest Roe vs. Wade, and change hearts and minds for the pro-life cause.

After a moving speech from Rev. Walter Hoye, a national pro-life leader and predominant member of the black pro-life community, attendees began to peacefully march through the streets of downtown Spokane.

Whitworth Students for Life, along with Gonzaga Students for Life, stood at the beginning of the march, leading the way and encouraging marchers behind and around us to chant and sing. Chants included phrases like, “We are the pro-life generation,” and, “Roe vs. Wade has got to go.” Several of my friends started up a joyous rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Closer to the end of the march, a friend and I proudly sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”

There were nearly 1,000 people who came together in Downtown Spokane to participate in Walk for Life Northwest. I was proud to stand with friends and strangers of various races, ages, religions, genders, political parties, and walks of life as the “pro-life generation.”

As many of my friends and fellow club members have pointed out, this was truly a movement of love. Love for women, love for children, and love for life were proudly proclaimed by all involved in the event, and were the thread that tied us all together.”