Second year Resident Assistant values her experience at Whitworth

She’s probably most well-known around the Whitworth community as the awesome Resident Assistant who has been working in Warren Hall; it’s been a big part of Callie Chestnut’s life.  A senior marketing major at Whitworth, Chestnut has been working as an RA for the last two years. She chose this school because she knew a couple people from her high school who went to Whitworth, and was attracted to the community feel here and the smaller atmosphere.

Chestnut’s decision to apply for the RA position stemmed from her good experience with the RA staff as a freshman.

“I appreciated the welcoming atmosphere the RA’s created. They fostered an environment that encouraged students to challenge themselves and their personal growth,” Chestnut said.

Her RA job has been a fantastic experience overall.

“It’s been a huge position of growth for me,” Chestnut said. “It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been rewarding.”

Being on the job as an RA is much different from looking in from the outside, though.

“I gained an appreciation of the intentionality that goes into building the community here,” Chestnut said.

Life at Whitworth isn’t all about the people, though. Chestnut switched majors after coming to Whitworth with a plan to get a degree in accounting. Consumer behavior, a marketing course, sounded interesting to her and helped sway her decision.

“I enjoyed marketing and didn’t enjoy accounting,” Chestnut said. “Marketing is a challenge, and it is interesting. I like the idea of crafting messages.”

Post-graduation plans are still in the works, but Chestnut has expressed interest in becoming a flight attendant for a period of time.

“As an RA, I’ve had the opportunity to hear life stories, and I would love to have that as part of my everyday job,” Chestnut said. “Everyone has a story, and every story is unique.”

Without a concrete plan, the world is her oyster come graduation on May 15.

Story by Maddie Hayes

Photo by Anita Wang