Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, We are concerned about the lack of attention being paid to algae fuel as a potentially lucrative, sustainable, and ample source of biofuel. Americans cannot continue to let our consumptive ways blind us to the fact that other sources of biofuel are more detrimental than beneficial. The large scale farming of corn and soybeans for biofuel into the future is no longer realistic as we learn more about the negative effects that result. Algae is a much better source for ethanol and other fuels. Not only does it have a higher yield per acre per year than other sources, it is a low maintenance protist, requiring only basic nutrients, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to thrive. Its only byproducts are fresh water and oxygen, both of which will not harm the earth, and algae fuel production facilities can be built to recapture the carbon dioxide emitted by smokestacks of factories. Algae fuel can reach price parity with oil per barrel by 2018 if investment and support is directed toward encouraging the growth of the industry.

Thank you,

Chris Basham, Michael Oaks, Taylor Telford, Iris Wu