Gregory Karpovics brings worldly experience to Whitworth

Gregory Karpovics is a man with a wide heritage. He is an American with a half-Latvian and half -Bolivian father and a half-German, half-British mother, which gave him the opportunity to experience many different cultures. A Junior at Whitworth majoring in International Studies and Spanish, Karpovics grew up in Bolivia before moving to the United States to study.

This vibrant outspoken student is always the life of the class stirring things up and pushing the envelope. Karpovics adventures nature keeps him on the move traveling whenever he has a chance.

“I don’t always know where I am going but it always works out in the end,” Karpovics said.

Even with his tough exterior, Karpovics is also a romantic at heart, inspired by Spanish literature which was introduced to him by his grandmother who was alanine literature teacher.

“When I discovered i enjoyed reading she would give me all these books to read, so that we could then talk about them. I don't think there's ever been a conversation I've had with her in which she doesn't mention some famous Spanish work,” Karpovics said.

Karpovics’ upbringing in Bolivia has allowed him to see poverty, destitution and death from a young age. In one incident, at the age of 16, Karpovics and his brother had to flee their home and walked to Peru due a political uprising by pro socialist groups in the area.

Often seen as a foreign student, Karpovics finds he is usually misunderstood.

“People assume that if you are foreign that you are weird, but they don’t realize how similar cultures can be,” Karpovics said.

Karpovics can speak English, Spanish and is learning Chinese. He hopes to build a career in American politics after joining the Peace Corps when he is done with school.

Story by Nejela Almohanna