Financial Vice Presidential Candidate: Laura Cardle

Major: Accounting Minors: Spanish

Year: Junior

How would you propose to manage any unallocated funds next year?  (Or how should the budget be different next year?)

There is a fairly established standard for what the budget should look like based on prior years' budgets. Unfortunately, last year the budget was significantly reduced during budgeting committee for various reasons. This year we have had an unexpected abundance of funds and hopefully we can return the budget to prior standards and save some of the excess funds for future requisitions.

What finance-related experience would you bring to this position?

As an accounting major, all my classes have been about issues that a Financial Vice President could be faced with. I worked with the current Financial Vice President gaining a better understanding of the position. I was a member of the Budgeting Committee last year and have been an active member of the Finance Committee this year as well.

What are the unique ideas, issues, and proposals in your campaign platform?

This year has had excitingly unexpected funding. My plan is to make the extra funds go as far as possible and beneficially affect as many students as possible. My goal is to always have an open door to whoever may have any questions about ASWU finances.

Why is the FVP position important to the student body?

The ASWU Budget is not a daily concern for the majority of the students here at Whitworth and it should not be. A Financial Vice President is elected to manage the ASWU Budget and keep students informed about pertinent financial matters.