Where to get your next caffeine fix

To help fill that Pleasant Blends-sized hole in your heart

Courtney Harmon
Staff Writer

Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters
Distance from campus: Four-minute drive; 11-minute bike ride
Yelp review: four stars

Need a quick boost of energy before class? 5-minutes away from campus, this coffee shop does the trick. Thomas Hammer has a drive-thru as well as a seating area inside. The building has large tables and lots of seating; making it great for studying. The menu has various coffee drinks, a few tea options, refreshing smoothies and an assortment of baked goods.

Vessel Coffee Roasters
Distance from campus: 13 minute drive; 30 minute bike ride
Yelp review: five stars

If you like good music with your coffee, Vessel is the place to go. Some evenings local artists perform their music here. It is also a great place to get some work done. The shop is spacious and as Lawrence C. said on Yelp, “If you are looking for a coffee shop that’s modern where you can sit for a while without it being crazy busy, this is the place to go.” The menu features typical coffee and tea drinks as well as baked goods.

Indaba Coffee
Distance from campus: 17-minute drive; 35-minute bike ride
Yelp review: four stars

Indaba is a social benefit coffee company who, for every bag of coffee sold, donates a meal to someone in need.  If you are looking for a coffee shop that is both a good study environment as well as a fun place to hang with friends and drink coffee, this is your place. Their menu is simple including coffee and tea. They also sell vegan pastries, sandwiches and salads from local bakeries. Indaba also has a friendly vibe. “The workers want to get to know you,” junior Annie Quatier said. “When I walk in they know my drink.”

Coeur Coffeehouse
Distance from campus: 18 minute drive; 40 minute bike ride
Yelp review: four and a half stars

If you ever find yourself in West Central looking for coffee, this is your place. They have a relatively simple menu of coffee from lattes to cappuccinos, minimal tea options and a few baked goods. Taking on more of an artisan look, the shop has big windows and large tables that are great for studying and doing homework. They also have a back room with tables in case the main area is too busy.